We offer the range of high-quality Cengar saws, blades and accessories along with technical advice for demanding applications. Cengar has sixty years of experience in cutting applications which added to Master Abrasives’ industry knowledge makes a valuable relationship.

Cengar Saws

Cengar saws are designed for professionals in demanding environments where reliability, low weight, easy handling, low noise and low vibration levels are important in protecting the operator and providing a high level of productivity. 

Cengar Saw Blades

Cengar produces premium, high-quality saw blades manufactured in shatterproof, high-tensile steel which allows the blade to bend so that it can cut at 90 degrees without the risk of shattering.

These blades allow fast-cutting action through auto panels, both the skins and structural reinforcement, with low vibration magnitude to contribute to Hand Arm Vibration management.

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