Preventative Maintenance Programmes

We can offer preventative maintenance programmes for any number of tools, recalling them for servicing on a planned and managed schedule with adjustable intervals according to your needs. This helps to ensure that tools are kept in their best possible condition, reducing the risk of injury from Hand Arm Vibration (HAV) and the cost of replacing parts.

Key benefits of setting up a scheduled programme include:

  • Lower cost - regularly serviced tools reduce the need for regular replacement of expensive parts
  • Improved productivity and reduction in tool downtime
  • Accurate budgeting of tool maintenance costs
  • HAV management and a reduction of risk for operators
  • Tools are serviced before they deteriorate and before vibration magnitudes increase

The process involves the following aspects:

  • Tool audit - a full site survey listing all tools on site
  • Each tool is given an identification reference and recorded in a database
  • Tools recalled on a scheduled basis for service
  • Maintenance history of tools stored in a tool database
  • All tools vibration tested and data stored
  • Tools individually tagged detailing information such as tool identification and vibration magnitude. Colour coded depending on HAV risk

Please contact us for any further information or a quote for your preventative maintenance programme.